Our Wireless Technology

Dynamic Solutions HK Limited prides itself in providing world-class wireless charging solutions which act as a game-changing technology for its multitude of clients.

Traditional wireless charging involves the use of electromagnetic fields to transfer energy between two sources through a process called electromagnetic induction. During this process, the energy transferred gives positive charges to batteries, thereby making the device functional. However, traditional wireless charging technology can only work in close proximity, defeating the purpose of ‘real wireless charging’ systems.

Dynamic Solutions HK Limited has revolutionized traditional wireless technology. Our pioneering technological breakthrough in wireless charging is geared towards shaping a future in which we can better interact with our electronic devices. We are committed to developing wireless solutions that go a long way to eliminate the need for routed power.

Our ultrasonic wireless charging system comprises several major components, including a transmitting transducer, a medium, a receiver transducer, power management, and a second battery.

Dynamic Solutions HK Limited - Wireless Chip
Dynamic Solutions HK Limited - Wireless Hub Station

Ultrasonic waves are safe and have been used for over a century. These waves are particularly useful for imaging and mapping advantages in the medical field.

Several extensive studies have been carried out on the safety of ultrasonic waves, and the results have consistently indicated the absence of health risks. So rest assured that the prolonged exposure incurred while using our wireless charging technology directly is not associated with the risk of a health hazard.

Our products are carefully designed to emit power through a focused beam that ceases once an object obstructs its target. Our products do not result in adverse side effects upon exposure to the human skin.

Merits of our wireless power solutions

  • Efficient power supply: Our charging solutions deliver more usable power over distance than any other approach. Our power is enough to effectively charge any cellular device.
  • Distance: Our devices are powered at room-sized distances and beyond. Rest assured that our solutions have been carefully designed so that power remains the same regardless of the distance. Of course, this is unlike other wireless charging providers, whose power typically drops as the distance widens.
  • Safety: Our products are safe and not harmful upon exposure to the human skin. Our products do not bathe the environment with unwanted radiation.

Our wireless technology highlights

  • Freedom of positioning: You can position our wireless charging system wherever you require. Our systems are designed with high misalignment flexibility, angular charging support inclusive.
  • Flexibility: Our wireless systems are flexible enough to operate both the highly-coupled inductive wireless charging mode as well as the loosely-coupled mode that is working at a resonance frequency.
  • Transfer of data is fast: In-band data transfer communication over our wireless charging system is super-fast. Our systems can support up to 100kbps without added hardware.
  • Production-ready: Our wireless charging solutions are not only safe and efficient, but they are also specially designed for high-volume production.