Since Dynamic Solutions HK Limited was created in 2012, the company has since been investing into research and development that is paving the way for future technology and how we charge electronics. Our technology has been developed to use ultrasonic waves to charge electronic devices.

The Dynamic Solutions HK Limited team comprises of individuals who are extremely talented in their respected fields, with years of research and testing a multitude of wireless charging solutions. The company’s main focus is on providing a safe and breakthrough technology allowing electronic devices to be charged without the need for wires or electromagnetic induction.

The team has also been working on new ways that the technology can be incorporated for autonomous vehicles and electric cars, reinventing charging as we know it.

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As the years have progressed, Dynamic Solutions HK Limited has successfully attracted several large institutions and private venture capitalists. The company received a significant capital injection which totaled over $18 million U.S. Dollars in 2016. With additional capital the company managed to expand and grow its team of engineers and use the capital towards more adventurous research and development.

The company aims to launch its first successful consumer based wireless product range for mobile phones and computer electronics by mid 2022 throughout the Asia Pacific region.

In late 2020, Dynamic Solutions HK Limited received a further investment through private equity institutions, the capital is currently being used to enhance operations, research and development for autonomous and electric vehicle charging. Initial prototypes have successfully been made with a target to launch commercially by 2024.

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For more information on Dynamic Solutions HK Limited, you may contact Mr. David Zhongyi who has been appointed head of our investor relations department as of 2019. Feel free to email [email protected], or call +852 2319 4422.
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