Dynamic Solutions HK Limited is rapidly expanding with plans to dominate the wireless charging market throughout Asia and beyond.

Since its creation in 2012, Dynamic Solutions HK Limited has experienced tremendous growth, evident by our current quality of products and service. We owe our progress to all our employees who have a joint passion for providing technological advances that facilitate the daily lives of individuals and organizations.

Dynamic Solutions HK Limited truly understands the value of its employees, which is why we invest in them and motivate them to excel according to their full potential. Our working environment is safe and void of certain workplace vices like favoritism, sexual harassment /immorality, and gender inequality.

Dynamic Solutions HK Limited - Wireless Team
Dynamic Solutions HK Limited - Wireless Careers

We ensure that we promote the values of transparency, fairness, diversity as well as inclusion. Moreover, we have also taken it upon ourselves to groom a culture where exceptional performance is rewarded with promotion, an increase in salary, gifts, and more.

Dynamic Solutions HK Limited recruits and works only with the best and most talented individuals. Rest assured that there is total transparency and fairness in our recruitment process as we do our best to select only qualified candidates who share our values and visions.

We are constantly looking for highly motivated and dynamic individuals to join our growing team. So together, we can impact positive changes in our daily lives and also the world around us.


If you are an independent, fast-learning, motivated, passionate, and creative thinker looking to learn and grow, you are free to apply to become part of our team.

Please provide your most recent resume and CV, alongside a cover letter expressing your interest in working with us. [email protected]

Dynamic Solutions HK Limited - Dynamic Wireless Careers