Changing the future of wireless technology

Dynamic Solutions HK Limited is an innovative technology startup headquartered in Shanghai, China. We specialize in developing efficient and powerful wireless charging solutions for both individuals and organizations. As one of the pioneers in China, we are fully committed to bringing reliability and efficiency to all our clients by simplifying access to energy and enhancing their charging experiences.

About Dynamic Wireless

Our company was founded in 2012 by a small team of visionaries that had envisaged a world with seamless access to power, anywhere and anytime.

Dynamic Solutions HK Limited has a goal to provide robust and systematic wireless charging solutions that enable individuals and organizations to carry out their daily activities without worrying about the need for batteries in all their electronic devices.

The companies key signature product, Dynamic Wireless will be ready for the public domain by 2022, allowing charging cellular and other electronic devices with great distance.

Dynamic Solutions HK Limited is equipped with a team of highly experienced members of staff, including expert engineers who work relentlessly to integrate our next generation wireless technologies into cellular devices. Our systems have been carefully designed to allow charging into multiple devices with the use of ultrasonic waves.
Over the years, our company has experienced tremendous growth due to its groundbreaking technologies, which have attracted reliable funders. In 2016, Dynamic Solutions HK Limited received a total of $18 million US Dollars from several venture capital and private equity companies who shared in its vision.

Bringing tomorrows future
a step closer today

Our core mission is to continue to develop our wireless charging technology
so that it can be effectively used for all other electronic devices, including
electric vehicles, devices and even robotics.