The future of wireless charging

We believe in a world of wireless technology where people can conveniently charge their electronic devices without connecting them directly to chargers.
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Wireless Technology Solutions

We are enabling innovative businesses across the world to incorporate wireless technology solutions into their systems.

Ultrasonic Wireless Charging

Traditional wireless charging involves the use of electromagnetic fields to transfer energy between two sources through a process called electromagnetic induction. During this process, the energy transferred gives positive charges to batteries, thereby making the device functional.

However, traditional wireless charging technology can only work in close proximity, defeating the purpose of ‘real wireless charging’ systems.

  • 150x faster than cable speeds
  • Multiple voltages and devices
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Cost-effective
Our Technology

Faster Charging

Our wireless charging systems can reach up to 150x faster speeds

Health & Safety

Our technology is safe from radiation or other effects

Multi Device

Our technology will allow simultaneous multi device charging

Long Distance Charging

Our technology is capable of long distance charging

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